Safety in Aeromodelling

Safety and safe flying is very important in the activity of aeromodelling. The potential for injury or disfigurement is always present as we are dealing with rotating propellers and models flying at very high speeds. Collisions and accidents are, thankfully, very rare, due, in no small measure, to the safety code used by Scottish aeromodellers.
The Scottish Aeromodellers Association, or SAA provide a safety code and achievement scheme which facilitates a framework for aeromodellers within which all their model flying should be conducted. The achievement scheme consists of four levels :
Bronze Plus
For each level the capability of the pilot is tested while performing maneuvers relevant to the level being examined. Tests for each level are conducted by qualified examiners with the successful applicant being awarded with recognition at that level. The code and award scheme are provided in detail on the SAA website in downloadable format at this link. Safety Manual