Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club - Past and Present

Flying at Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club

Flying Times for IC Power & Electric/Silent Flight are as follows:

Seven days a Week -365 days of the Year - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

The 5 acre airfield is situated just to the south east of Glenrothes and within 10 minutes drive of Glenrothes town centre.

Main road access is via the A92 then via either the B931 (Coaltown of Balgonie) or the B9130 (Thornton). Once on site there is ample parking at the car park on the south side of the airfield. (Map)

Our flight line runs from East to West with all flying taking place in parallel and to the north of the runway and Pits area. This has the distinct advantage of flying with the sun behind you and avoids the obvious problems of flying past, around or through the sun's glare.

Safety is the Club's key objective with a strong focus on education and communication. To that end we actively encourage all our members to participate in maintaining flight safety & discipline.

Pilots Notes

All Pilots must comply fully with all Club rules and Local Regulations at all times.

All Club Pilots must gain a minimum Bronze certificate before conducting any unsupervised flights.

All IC Engines must comply with current safety and emission standards as laid out in the Club rules and by the relevant National bodies.

All visiting pilots are required to contact the Club prior to arrival and must conduct a supervised briefing flight.

All pilots MUST have valid insurance. Proof of insurance may be asked for at any time.

In the interests of safety, Marshalls & Club Officers have the authority to suspend flying at any time.

Our runway consists of a 100 metre long bowling green strip which is constantly maintained by a dedicated groundskeeper ensuring a smooth and closely cropped surface.

Active Pilot boxes are clearly marked and located at each end of the runway ensuring a common control area and allowing good communication between pilots.

Frequency/Channel control is in use at the site through the use of a peg & pole system located within the pits area.